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It is not unusual for mortgage brokers and advisers to charge a brokerage fee for their services. You have probably heard about this brokerage fee or maybe even paid it in the past. You may already know that this fee can be anything from £200 up to £1995.

Like all mortgage brokers and advisers we get a procuration fee from the lender on completion of the mortgage. This fee covers our operating expenses and cost of advice. We see no need to charge a separate, additional brokerage fee.

Whether you go directly to the lender or apply through us, the cost will be the same. Moreover, we will save you time as we will see the application through to mortgage offer and advise on the BEST mortgage deal making sure you will not pay any more than you have to for your mortgage.

Fees we receive from providers

Procuration fee

This is the fee the lender we place your mortgage with will pay us for the introduction of business once the mortgage completes.

Life office commission

If you decide to undertake any protection policy we recommend the life office we place your policy with will pay us a commission for the introduction of business once the policy is taken up.

These fees and their amounts will be disclosed to you, with a full explanation, at the point of any mortgage or protection product recommendation.

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