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As a first time buyer you are probably coming to the conclusion that a mortgage is possibly the biggest financial commitment you will make in your life. Let us guide you through the mortgage maze and introduce you to mortgage deals specifically designed with you in mind.

We will start by giving you an idea of what a lender would be able to lend and from there what price of house you could comfortably afford to pay.

Things you need to know

Typically, a first time buyer will be required to pay a deposit of 5% of the property purchase price. But this does depend on your circumstances and any government backed scheme you may choose to take.

As a first time buyer you may qualify for relief on stamp duty up to a certain purchase price.

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How we can help

Buying a house with a mortgage is a huge financial commitment. Doing it for the first time can be daunting.

We can advise you on which mortgage best suits your needs and walk you through the whole buying process. This will include guidance through the lender's affordability assessment explaining what is required and why.

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