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There is every chance you will move home at least three times in your adult life. For some it is an ideal opportunity to review your mortgage and compare it with other mortgage deals available at the time of moving. For others it will simply be a case of porting your existng mortgage.

However, to achieve your goal of moving home may require a little more research. You may want to increase your mortgage, raise capital for renovation costs to your new property or want to let to buy - let out your existing property to enable you to move to your new property.

Things you need to know

If you have built up equity in your existing home (property value minus any borrowings, such as an existing mortgage, secured on it) you can put this towards your new purchase deposit.

The more deposit you can put towards your new purchase the better the loan to value (LTV) will be and the more likely you will be able to secure a more favourable interest rate.

You may be liable for stamp duty on your new purchase, and, if you decide to let out your existing property in a let to buy you will have to pay considerably more.

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Moving home is stressful. Relieve some of that stress by letting us take care of organising your mortgage.

We will find you the best mortgage. Any recommendation we make will be fully explained to you. We will then administer the application ensuring all the required documents are submitted to the lender to help ensure a quick turn around.

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