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What rate are you paying?

If you are unable to answer the question there may be a chance you are paying your lender's standard variable rate (SVR) or coming to the end of a deal you started some years ago. If you are, this is a great opportunity to save money by letting us find you a better deal than your current lender's SVR.

Additionally, you may be considering improving your property and sitting on a sizable equity amount in your property. You could use a remortgage to release some of that equity to capital raise and use it to improve your property or whatever other purpose you have in mind.

Things you need to know

Remortgaging your property will not attract any stamp duty as it is not a purchase.

Capital raising against your property can be an efficient way to do so. And, as many lenders allow a certain amount of overpayments within any initial deal period you do have the option of repaying any capital raised before the end of any deal or mortgage term.

If you intend to use any capital raising to debt consolidate let us advise you and make you fully aware of the changes you will be making to your debt.

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We will find you the best mortgage. Any recommendation we make will be fully explained to you. We will then administer the application ensuring all the required documents are submitted to the lender to help ensure a quick turn around getting you saving money as soon as possible.

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