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Step 1

Research and compare

This step starts with your enquiry. Your mortgage adviser will ask you some questions and with that information research and compare the whole mortgage market to find you the best mortgage. You can start the process online here.

Your Mortgage Adviser will know what questions to ask and how to assess any information and requirements you give. One of their main aims is to ensure the whole process from enquiry to offer of mortgage runs as smoothly as possible and understands the importance of getting it right at this initial step.

Step 2

Apply for your mortgage online

Once decided on a mortgage deal we will then administer the online application.

We will ensure all the supporting documentation is available to the lender's underwriters to ensure the process is as quick as it could possibly be.

And, if you require a lender's Agreement in Principle (AIP) we can do that emailing the certificate straight to your mail box enabling you to easily forward it to your sales agent to conform with their client qualification requirments.

Step 3

Track your application progress

We will keep you up to date with the progress of your mortgage application right through to offer of mortgage. Our approach has proved your experience through the application assessment won't be made unnecessarily stressful through lack of communication.

Your Mortgage Adviser will be your point of contact through the entire process. So, if you need to call them, for what ever reason, they will be in a position to help. And, if the lender requires further supporting information your adviser will contact you immediately to explain what is required.

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