Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover is a life policy that will payout out a lump sum on diagnosis of a serious illness.

The illnesses covered by each life company can and may differ but illnesses covered include many cancers, heart attack and strokes. And with the advancement of medical science over the years a lot of the illnesses covered by the life companies are very much recoverable from. Therefore, should the life assured be diagnosed with an illness included on the life companies list the sum assured will be paid out. If you later recover from the illness this has absolutely no bearing on the terms of the policy used for critical illness cover.

This type of policy can be used to cover a known commitment, such as a mortgage. Should you contract one of the listed illnesses you and your family will not endure unnessary financial hardship. This leaves you free to concentrate on any recovery.

As we are independent protection advisers we have access to the entire protection market ensuring we can source the best value plan to meet your and your family needs and budget.

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