Residential mortgages

A residential mortgage can be used to achieve a number of goals - but a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve and the type of mortgage required is a must. Let's take a look where we can help -

First time buyers

First time buyers are considered a special category, and with good reason. They wouldn't have experienced a mortgage previously so we are careful, particularly in this category of buyers, not assume prior knowledge. We guide the inexperienced home buyers through the mortgage maze ensuring they are made aware of any benefits or mortgage deals that have been made available to first time buyers.

Moving home

This category of buyers have usually experienced a mortgage previously. Our aim is to ensure we source the best mortgage deal to secure their new home.


Existing mortgage holders will often come out of one mortgage deal and want to secure a new deal to keep their costs down. As we are completely independent mortgage advisers with access to the entire mortgage market we are confident we will be able to source that new money saving mortgage deal.

Buy to let

Buying a property to let has become a favoured investment for the British public. However, this area of investment has become a little more complicated over the years and good, independent mortgage advice is a necessity. Here at Lawrie Mortgages we understand this type of investment. We understand just how important it is to source the right buy to let mortgage deal to help achieve your property investment goals.

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